The Evolution of “The Scribe”

I was lying in bed, a few years back, and suddenly had this really strong image pop into my stream of thoughts, which I thought would make a great basis for a photo composition.

A Renaissance woman, wearing black leather gloves, pants and boots, a puffed and slashed dark Tyrian purple chemise with an embroidered brocade bodice, which stops just above the waist and forms at its front a sharp plunge leading towards a silver buckle. On the bare skin of her waist there are tattoos studded with diamonds. Her cavalier hat, with its elaborate feathers, is drawn deep into her face, but one can still clearly see her mischievous smile.

I tried to make a mental note and go back to sleep, but that proved to be rather unsuccessful. So eventually I gave in, got up, walked through the dark to my desk and scribbled down blindly some notes on a random piece of paper. My head was clear again, my thoughts bugged me no more, and I could finally sleep.

When I woke up the next morning I looked again at my notes, which turned out to be a lot more legible and orderly than I imagined, and thought that this would not only be a great idea for a photography project, but that there is actually also an entire story in it.

I thought about this for a while and then decided that I should write a poem. The ideas were there and the writing just flowed out. Too well, in fact. What began as a short poem soon grew into a long poem, then I ran out of meaningful rhymes forcing me to switch the structure to a free verse poem, but that too eventually outgrew is rhythmic pattern, and so I finally wrote a short story, which ended up being the first chapter of “The Scribe”.

Little did I know then that I would be spending the next two years writing down the story and then months more polishing it. But the story proved to be an adventure that was so addictive to me that I enjoyed every bit of time I was able to spend in its world and with the multitude of characters.

The publication of “The Scribe” is just the next step in breathing life into these characters and giving them the opportunity to entertain and share their story with a wider audience. In that sense, I wish everyone who reads “The Scribe” a thrilling and enjoyable experience that will detach you from your everyday reality and the world we live in, and whisk you off into a wonderful adventure.

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