The Scribe

Lavish masquerades, a mysterious woman inscribing messages on the necks of men, an ancient artifact and a demon gate about to be opened – all set against the backdrop of an industrialized Renaissance.

“The Scribe” is a literary thriller set in an Italian lagoon city during a slightly alternate 17th century. But what initially starts out as an adventure in a vibrant and to the reader at first mostly familiar setting soon transitions into a dark, twisted and fantastical world, where the demons on the outside are by far not as threatening as those we harbor within ourselves.

Among the main themes in “The Scribe” is the subjectivity of good and evil. All creatures strive to secure their existence, and any threat to it is understandably labeled as evil. However, more often than not the prosperous existence of one is closely connected to the demise of another. This book describes such crossroads, how a slight alteration in routine places people on conflicting sides, and how we are willing to accept someone else’s demise although their motivations are not completely foreign to our own.

“The Scribe” spans 30 chapters and consists of more than 115,500 words.

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